Digital is the way forward for Indian Real Estate

Digital content

The massive strides digital content has taken in the last decade or so has made it more centre-stage, nudging past print and even television content.

Digital content offers myriad benefits like speed, being more creative and can be directed towards a particular section of the audience and hence can be better targeted. Digital content often allows two-way communication through ‘comment’ sections and the like.

One reason for the grandiose success of digital is the way content is consumed by the people. The audience today wants clearer but concise messaging. They want information at the click of a button. They like to have content on the go, something that digital medium can offer best.

Digital can reach far-flung parts of the country much more quickly. This new age medium is also more versatile as it lets the same message being converted into various regional languages without having to look for a suitable printing press that has the capability to print in different languages.

Digital messaging usually has far more recall value in the minds of the audience as it is far more engaging and dynamic with 3D visuals and graphics. Since digital content is consumed by people on portable devices like mobile phones and laptops, it can remain with the audience in their gadgets for longer periods. Even sending timely and useful notifications to the target audience is possible only with digital.

Digital has already become the king and will further reinforce its position among all other media in the times to come. According to industry estimates, digital ad revenues will touch Rs 5.40 lakh crore mark in India by 2024 while print ad revenue is projected to grow to only Rs 2.76 lakh crore by then. This clearly shows the prominence digital medium will have print.

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