WhatsApp New Features Rolled Out In 2022!

WhatsApp New Features

With the goal of making the messaging platform more user-friendly, Meta-owned WhatsApp has announced the addition of new features. WhatsApp has released some long-awaited features for its users. Along with emoji reactions, WhatsApp New features will allow users to send files up to 2GB in size. Users will also be able to add up to 512 members to a WhatsApp group.

First Instagram, now WhatsApp, has launched new features that will enable the users to react to a message. Either in groups or on individual chats, the app users will be able to react directly to any message. Also, the feature is available on Mobile Phones and on the Desktop version as well.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, announced the same on his social media handles a few days ago, and now the reaction feature, in addition to several other features, has been rolled out now and is available for all the users on the updated version of the App. Besides emoji reactions, below are the other features that will make Whatsapp useful for a large portion of the population.

WhatsApp recently added the ‘Community’ feature-

Whatsapp has come up one step closer in terms of helping people as it has launched a community feature that is available in the app only. With this feature, people with the same niche will be able to connect in order to exchange relevant information.
Communities on WhatsApp will allow people to bring separate groups together under one umbrella with a structure that works for them. People can then receive updates sent to the entire Community and easily organise smaller discussion groups on topics that are important to them. Communities will also include powerful new admin tools, such as announcement messages sent to everyone and control over which groups can be included.

Up to 512 can be added to a Group-

Recently, WhatsApp has announced that slowly they are rolling out the feature where up to 512 people can be added to a group. Earlier 256 and now a total of 512 people can be added to a group which will make it more efficient and useful. The feature will take a few more weeks to work completely.

File Sharing-

Earlier the limit of file sharing was only 100 MB, but in the recent update, the limit of file sharing is increased. People can share files of sizes up to 2GB. As a result, the app is better suited for collaboration in schools, and businesses. While uploading or downloading large files, a counter will appear to let you know how long the transfer will take.

Deleting Problematic messages from Group-

WhatsApp is also launching a feature where the group admins will be able to remove the errant and problematic messages permanently from the group and hence the group will be safe from chaos that can be caused due to such messages.

Updated Voice Messages-

The recent update also included a feature where you can pause a voice recording, and resume when ready. If the user is interrupted or needs to gather thoughts while recording a message, he/she can now pause the recording & resume when ready.
Also, the new update will enable users to listen to their drafted voice messages before sending them.


With WhatsApp being the most trusted chatting platform, the App, with its state-of-the-art updates, is increasing its scope day by day and making it more user friendly. The new updates and added features are making WhatsApp much more useful and helping small businesses and communities grow and work hassle-free. All the new features like emoji reactions, increased size of file sharing and etc. are available for everyone on the updated version of the App.



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