The Time To Explore Micro Video Marketing Is Now

The Time To Explore Micro Video Marketing Is Now.

Micro Video-Marketing

If you take a moment to think, you will realize that Snapchat was among the first social media platforms to use the concept of micro-videos. Recently, we all saw the tremendous rise of Tik-Tok, which accelerated the growth of micro-video marketing. Since then, there has been no looking back.

Micro videos have become the new talk of the town. Digital marketers and brands have always looked to tap into markets where the crowd is. Snapchat, Tik-Tok, Vine, and other similar platforms have gained massive popularity over time. Marketers and brands used it as an opportunity to promote their products/services.

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Upon exploring these platforms and seeing brands do well on them, marketers recognized micro-video marketing’s potential. Now, digital marketers have become quite keen on integrating micro-videos in their content strategy.

So what exactly is micro-video marketing? Well, there is no one correct answer because the right duration of a micro-video is quite debatable. Some marketers say that anything less than five minutes is a micro-video, but given the current trend, other marketers consider it to be between the duration of 5-15 seconds.

Considering both points of view, it feels safe to say that any short clip in sync with the platform it is made for is a micro-video. And marketing that micro-video on several networks to the right audience is micro-video marketing.

Micro videos are an integral part of any marketer’s content re purposing strategy. They tend to rehash the content produced in one form to others by modifying it according to respective platforms. An interview can be repurposed into a podcast, article, video, and static creative.

Videos can hold the attention of a viewer longer than a static post. Moreover, the Click-through rate (CTR) is much higher on videos than static images. Most people’s attention span is already lower than a gold fish’s attention span, and in the coming years, it’s very likely to drop further.

Therefore, micro-videos become an excellent option to get a high return on your marketing strategy. If you’re a bit skeptical about investing in the right quality equipment and hiring a fantastic video editor, we assure you don’t be. Micro Videos are here to stay and investing in micro-videos production will give you a great return.
At Digicomm Marketing Services, we are dedicated to offering you solutions that are best for your company. Micro Videos can potentially be a game-changer for your business, and we can help you blend micro-video marketing into your content marketing strategy.

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