Online marketing techniques for realty projects

In today’s digital age, it would be prudent to revisit some online marketing techniques, through the usage of which, real estate developers with new projects could boost their leads.

The usage of marketing to boost sales of real estate projects is hardly a new phenomenon. However, with changing times, there are a slew of changes in terms of online marketing. Real estate developers intending to sell units in their projects would find it useful, vital even, to study online marketing which has the ability to not only create the brand perception you want for your project but also increases leads and subsequently sales. There are various aspects to focus upon, with a few of them being as follows:

Create an email campaign:

No matter the sector, an email nurture-campaign is a vital online marketing tool for connecting with fresh leads, staying relevant, and in the back of the minds of previous clients. A great campaign will funnel potential customers through pre-determined actions based as per their buyer profile and any previous engagements they have had with you.

It is essential to make the email look attractive with the use of relevant written and visual content which increases its open and click-through rate. Also, the more personalised and relevant the email, the more likely a client will be interested in opening the email and looking at what you have to offer.

Offer virtual tours:

Virtual tours of a property are an excellent type of content which are critical to a successful online marketing strategy. A potential home buyer, via looking at the video, can understand what a property has to offer them, and helps provide them with an understanding, following which, in case they have further questions, they can get those answered by property sales representatives. The process of purchasing a home is tedious and can be difficult, and as a real estate developer, your job is to make that experience as easy and straightforward as possible.

A few hallmarks of great virtual tours are: Using real footage of the property, rather than using digital illustration. Ensuring that the video is responsive and interactive across all viewing platforms (laptop and smartphone). Making the virtual tour user-friendly and straightforward.

Spend time on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a crucial technique to increase the number of leads coming on to your website. As and when done correctly, your web pages and the website shall show up higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) during relevant searches. Also, Google and other prominent search engines regularly change their algorithms; therefore, it is vital to re-focus and revisit your SEO strategy more than once. Another fundamental aspect of SEO is keywords. These can make a significant difference to your efforts, and you should spend time researching the relevant keywords to use in your website and webpage.

Dushyant Sinha, Founder, Digicomm Marketing Services

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