How to Generate Quality Leads for Real Estate?

How to Generate Quality Leads for Real Estate

Top 10 important ways to know How to Generate Quality Leads for Real Estate in 2021.

Every month your digital marketing company for real estate business provides hundreds of leads, and your highly skilled sales team tries their best to convert those leads. It makes you wonder if you got genuine leads with high intent in the first place. You have spent tons of money to generate high-quality leads for your business, but you are left with the same doubt every month.

Generating high-quality leads can be very tricky in 2021. Every company is online, trying to sell its products/ services. Therefore, in the digital space, you’re competing not just with other brands from your domain but with all the companies working online.

There are numbers of factors involved when it comes to producing leads in the digital arena. A comprehensive understanding of the target audience, eye-catching design and messaging of the creatives, intriguing ad copies, etc., are just a few prerequisites for generating high-quality leads.

When it comes to Real Estate, it is a pretty different game altogether. It is an arena where traditional marketing methods have dominated for a long time. Slowly and steadily, it has realized the potential digital marketing holds.

Real Estate as a domain is a bit outcaste from specific industries. Hence usual marketing tactics don’t reap benefits like you would expect them to. If you’re looking for some tips to boost and upgrade the lead generation process, don’t worry, we have you covered.

Mentioned below are some of the marketing tactics proven to be very successful in generating high-quality Real Estate leads.

Organic Tactics

Organic Tactics

Facebook Marketplace Listing:

It is a great setting to list your Real Estate property. First, you will have to create a Facebook shop in commerce manager. Then, you can list your property in the home sales category and give details about it to attract attention.

Facebook Marketplace Listing can help you get noticed by people living in the vicinity. Facebook users come to the marketplace looking for products listed locally and become a lead when providing their details. Other than lead generation, Facebook Marketplace will create brand awareness and traffic for your company.

Google My Business (GMB) Listing:

One of the most efficient organic ways to get noticed online is through Google listing. One of the critical benefits of GMB is that your listing might pop up in the Google 3 pack search result if it’s managed properly. Therefore, marketers are very conscious about regulating the local SEO of websites they are operating. You can even drive traffic to your website by making sure your listing ranks in Google 3 pack.

Real Estates can list their multiple projects and receive queries on them through messages or calls. Moreover, by generating positive reviews on the listings, you can develop a positive brand image. And since you can list multiple properties from the same email id, monitoring them becomes less time-consuming.

Trending Answers Of Quora:

It is a social network that thrives on people’s curiosity. Users raise questions they are curious about, and people answer those questions with the knowledge they have.

When it comes to Real Estate, you would often find people throwing in their doubts and queries related to the project itself or other factors such as location feasibility, neighbourhood, etc. You can identify which question is trending and answer it by highlighting your project/property.

This method will help you not just in generating quality leads but in brand awareness as well. Hence, the digital marketing agency for real estate uses Quora as an Online Reputation Management (ORM) tool.

Facebook Group Sharing:

Marketers have often underestimated the potential of Facebook Groups. It is one of the best ways to spread the word across the social network.

Real Estates can stir up conversations about their special offers, features/design of their project, etc., by sharing content on Facebook groups. Looking at your shared content, people might comment on the post or call your team asking what they saw. Further, if they liked it, they might even share it in their circle.

Paid Medium

Paid Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing Ads-

Facebook & Instagram Ads:

Facebook ad is one of the most used advertising medium, if not the most. To advertise on Facebook, you will have to set up a business manager, then an Ads Manager. And through the Facebook ads manager, you can advertise on Instagram as well.

Facebook allows you to set a very extensive target audience for your ads. Its targeting options are unmatched. Moreover, you can optimize your ad based on the objective you want to achieve. These objectives can be brand awareness, app downloads, lead generation, conversions, etc. Facebook ads are the most cost-effective way to generate leads.

You can also choose the placement of your ads depending on what you think might work best. Some ads do very well on stories. You need to be wise with your ads’ placement and keep an eye on the analytics to see what’s working for you.

The key to success on the Facebook ad is developing a comprehensive understanding of your target audience and the know-how of reaching that audience. Since Real Estate is a bit different from mainstream industries, generating quality leads can be tricky.

LinkedIn Ads:

It is a B2B platform that can prove to be a fantastic lead generation source if used rightly. It is a social network that is more on the professional side, where people are constantly looking to build connections and relationships with people from their industry. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use it to generate leads for your business.

To advertise on LinkedIn, you need to set up a campaign manager. You will be able to run campaigns, set ad budget and analyze results from the campaign manager.

While Facebook audience targeting specializes in providing many personal demographics options, LinkedIn specializes in career-related audience targeting unmatched. It allows you to reach people based on their industry, size, designation, etc.

With targeting options like these, LinkedIn can generate authentic and hot leads for your Real Estate business.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing

Google Adword:

It is a sure-shot way to generate quality leads, but the only thing is that it could prove to be quite costly. Facebook Advertising is a medium of outbound marketing; whereas; Google Advertising is a medium of inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing is the process of getting your company’s product/services seen by people when they are looking for it. Outbound marketing, also known as push marketing, is the process of advertising your company’s product/services on people’s feed deliberately.

Marketers bid on a specific keyword to rank on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), which they believe would help them generate leads and sales. Since there might already be many brands bidding on the keyword, the cost of bidding will rise continuously.

Real Estates should bid on keywords that indicate genuine buying intention.

Bing Ads:

The working system of Bing Ads is almost the same as Google Adwords. Sometimes the Cost per Conversion (CPC) and Traffic might be lower in Bing Ads, but the marketer may end up spending more than Adwords. In some instances, it could go the other way around as well. It all depends on the targeting.

Bing Ads can help advertisers reach older and higher-income demographic. Competition is less on Bing so that marketers can get low CPC. You can also import your Google Adwords campaign into your Bing Ad account.

Since competition is less on Bing, you can generate more leads at a cheaper cost than Google Adwords, resulting in higher ROIs.

Native Ads

Native Ads


It is a private advertising company that provides advertisements such as ‘Around the Web’ and ‘Recommended for You’ tabs at the bottom/sidebar of articles. Marketers can bid for views of their content. Then its algorithm shows the advertiser’s content on an external website based on the content user is viewing, his/her viewing history and other factors. Publishers can mark content as offensive and remove it from their site.

Taboola ads can be seen in the ad section of sites like New York Post, Entrepreneur, Forbes, etc.

Finance and fitness are the most popular categories of Taboola. It generally creates a massive amount of clicks, so Real Estate companies can use this tool for advertising their content on other people’s websites and generating leads from there.


The concept behind it is pretty much the same as Taboola. However, there are some differences in the procedures. Native ads are great for branding.

On Taboola, advertisers have to set a monthly budget, divided into a daily limit, whereas Outbrain asks advertisers to set a daily budget. Both of them have a separate set of publishers. The audience targeting option is identical on both platforms.

Taboola can be a bit costlier than Outbrain but can drive an insane amount of clicks. If you’re new to native ads and don’t want to spend a lot of money then, you should start with Outbrain.


It is a multilingual native ad platform based in India. One of the benefits of Adgebra is that it enables marketers to advertise on websites that are in regional language. It’s restricted not just to India; it has a global reach. It gives advertisers a real-time report, precise targeting and incredible reach. Real Estate companies can use Adgebra for micro-level targeting and generate quality leads.

Hopefully, these tips will help you decide and hire the right agency for your Real Estate business. In this digital age, every business needs to be present online. And not just be online; it should make the best of this space.

At DigiComm Marketing Services, we curate marketing strategies that align with your project’s vision. We believe the digital arena is like a sky of endless possibilities which can tap the right marketing strategies. Since 2015, we have been successfully working with some of the Real Estate giants. Our clients include Ajnara, Raheja, SG Estates, and Omaxe etc.

We have worked and delivered on a budget of 10 crores per year. Over the years, we have generated an average of 2000 quality leads per month with a high conversion rate. DigiComm is one of the best marketing companies for Real Estate in Noida, India. We have produced immense profits for major real estate entities across Northern India, and not just through lead generation. Our services include full-proof digital marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Online Reputation Management (ORM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Content Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Website Development, etc. To know more about the only digital marketing company for real estate in Delhi/NCR, feel free contact us.

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