How to Drive Traffic to a Landing Pages

Landing pages are all about driving sales and driving conversions. They have a dedicated space for viewers to complete a particular call-to-action (CTA) in interactive campaigns. They keep consumers’ eyes on the ultimate target, whether it’s signing up for an email list, or beginning a free trial.

What is a landing page?

It is a standalone web page created specifically for a marketing/advertising campaign with just one goal to get the desired traffic using a CTA (Call-to-action). A business collects visitor information using a form. It is a page where you want your users to land-up & complete conversions. It’s where your conversion, like purchase, registration, or signup, takes place.

Homepage vs. Landing Page

The homepage is a hub of pages where one can jump off to other website pages. A landing page is a campaign-specific page with a single call to action (to turn visitors into customers) & no navigation to other pages. 

Types of Landing Pages:

Essentially, there are two types of landing pages:

Lead Generation Landing Pages:
The aim is to collect the leads for your business based on the audience you are targeting.   

Click through Landing Pages:

These are frequently used by e-commerce, SAAS marketer. They have a call to action that leads to the check-out, like asking for sales/subscription/app download. 

How to Drive Traffic to a Landing Pages

  • Optimize your landing page for SEO

Create a landing page with focused target keywords that the prospective buyer is searching for & optimize it for SEO, and then we can target the customers more. 

  • Call to action to your blog

Blog posts generally rank in Google search results; a call-to-action can be added on every single blog post. Alternatively, if someone has excellent content, then create personalized calls to action, which is a great way to increase traffic from the leading website to the landing pages.

  • Call to action to popular pages

If a webpage gets tons of hits, make them do double work by placing the relevant call to action & turn some of your visitors into qualified leads.

  • Enjoy the power of social media-

Even if you optimize the landing page wrt to SEO, chances are it doesn’t rank high. Here come social media into the picture. They are free & available to everyone. Hence, it’s a great way to serve your landing page in front of millions of people for free & organically. You can also pay for various social media ads like Facebook ads to appear on different platforms. You can also use Facebook live or Twitter live chat to spread the word further. 

  • Promote landing pages in online communities like Quora, Reddit, Facebook Groups, etc-

Engaging in an online conversation with thoughtful insights relate to the theme of your landing page on these forums would establish you as a thought leader about that subject & eventually build enough trust to get people to click on the link provided by you & convert them.

  • Promote the landing page via contests & events-

Event marketing is considered to be the most effective strategy by 67% of marketers. Two ways by which you can do this- 

Create an event page or a contest entry page as the landing page. Or advertise through social media posts or paid ads that go to a landing page about your event. 

  • Harness the power of Public Relations-

Media coverage is a great way to direct traffic to the landing page & enhance brand visibility in your industry.

  • Drive visitors through email marketing-

Finally, imbibing the link of your landing page to the email campaign to an existing or current list of contacts could be a great way to drive traffic. 

Measure the Results

Landing pages help you track individuals who have visited the site rather than just clicks & views by collecting the information from the form filled. By observing which method is doing conversions for you, focus your efforts on those channels in the future.

Often use this set of proven tips to get free and paid traffic to the landing page. With DigiComm, one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in Delhi/NCR, write a consistent copy of the referral, launch email newsletters, and distribute content across premium publisher sites. With these strategies, you’ll be well-prepared to engage prospective leaders and build audience relationships.

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