Instagram Reels: How they are beneficial for Businesses?

We all are very well aware of how video content and video marketing is really powerful for your business to grow for free online. In this bandwagon, Instagram’s has recently launched, the newest form of short-video sharing feature called Reels.

How Instagram Reels are Beneficial for Businesses?

how Instagram Reels are beneficial for businesses

Quick Highlights about Reels:

-The Reels feature is integrated within the existing Instagram app Interface.

-They’re short-form video content match them up to music or other audio from 3-15 seconds in full 9:16 portrait mode. 

– They can be filmed as one full take or a series of takes stitched together.

– Reels can even be uploaded to Stories or Reels gallery (Instagram feed) on your profile. The best place to discover Reels from other accounts on Explore page of Instagram.

You can swipe up to scroll through more videos within Reels and find fun new content from other creators.

How to use Instagram Reels for your Business?

Since it’s a new feature, there’s a greater chance of your content being visible to more people. So, they offer a great chance to do a little show & tell.

  1. Showcase your Products & Services

If you are into product-based business, highlight the best features & the benefits of using it. If you’re into a Service based business then also Reels gives you a great platform to show off your brand’s style, showcase testimonials & reviews or build anticipation for an upcoming launch. Basically showcase how you can do things differently. The businesses can also do some behind the scenes or meet the staff videos to showcase what your company is doing.

  • Share educational content

 Step by step tutorials, how-to-do guides, tips & tricks on how to book a property, day to day hacks, some kitchen tips or similar resources you can share on a 15-second video form. Share unique ways to use your products or new ways to get results from the services you offer. Create FAQ reels that answer the most common questions with some exciting visuals.

  • Share Inspirational Content

The third way by which your business can grow is by sharing inspiration. It’s a noted fact that people do follow many accounts to get inspired. As a business, you can help someone feel inspired about – their health, wealth or relationships. If you are a fitness freak then motivate your audience through some daily tips & tricks about how to stay fit & healthy. If you are in real estate business, then you can showcase how they can create a source of financial affluence & security by purchasing their property. So, the idea is to focus on creating a video that illustrates the ‘after’ of having your products.

Caption for Reels:

It’s worth noting that a person watching Reels aren’t going to read a long caption. The preview shows only one text line; viewers have to tap the ‘More’ at the end of the first line. So, write a small caption with a CTA (Call to Action) or stress on a critical point using audio or a text overlay.

Advantages of Using the Reel format:

– Get more visibility among your competitors

– Drive steady traffic to your videos, businesses

– Connect with your audience in a way that suits your personality

Hence, it’s good to get used with this form of video content & capitalize on this platform. Rethink for this platform if you really want to stand out & focus on creating a unique content that works within the scope of your brand voice & style. Digicomm Marketing Services LLP, one of the top digital marketing companies in Delhi & NCR will give you holistic approach towards using various features of social media platforms.

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