Digital Ads touching a record high during Covid-19!

Digital Ads Touched a Record High during Covid-19!

While we talk about Digital Transformation, the real side about Covid-19 is the actual impact on behavior change. Traditional media has suffered as digital ad spend has grown in 2020. 

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How are brands evolving out of this pandemic-

Brands athwart the globe are slowly evolving to terms with the active business environment we have obtained ourselves within the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether your company has temporarily postponed operations or has chosen to complete an innovation-driven working system, how you propose your digital marketing strategy should be a principal focus in these worrying times.

The growth percentage of the rise in social media apps when socializing-

While we talk about Digital Transformation, the decisive side about COVID-19 is the actual impact on behavior change. Mid to the senior of most businesses, including customers from 35 to 44 age bracket increased their internet consumption by 11% while millennial observed an average increase of 5-7%. Likewise, leading platforms such as Facebook (+18%), Instagram (+20%), and Whatsapp (+17%) have all witnessed rises in the number of sessions per week per user as per data source Nielsen Report on COVID-19’s impact on the changing landscape in media.
(Source- Livemint &

How have Digital Ads/Lead Generation made a difference: 

Forming new sales leads is one of the biggest keys to a successful organisation. Lead generation is a marketing term for the development or generation of the interests of prospective clients in a seller’s offering of a product or service. Similarly, a lead is an entity or business that has shown some interest in the services or products your business offers.

In the digital marketing environment, Lead Generation can be bifurcated into sets of marketing activities that correlate to the purchase direction of the customer to generate traffic to the website of the organization. 

How to Generate Leads through Digital Marketing?

Using Content Marketing to Establish Thought Leadership-

Regularly posting blogs, news, and tips regarding your industry is quite an effective strategy. Promoting the content you are creating through online marketing techniques such as SEO, is too great. Organic search is the largest source of high-quality leads, so be sure to spend some time optimizing your content for search engines.

Leveraging Paid Social Media-

Social media can be a powerful channel for lead generation. To be successful at acquiring leads via social media, you must invest time and effort in building an engaged audience so you can convert those individuals into leads. The first challenge is figuring out which tool is right for your business. You can run paid social ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even Pinterest. Also running paid ads for Google, Facebook & native platforms also help in driving more leads for your business.

Optimizing Your Site for Local SEO

Local SEO allows your business to tap into the surrounding community and help users find you. As mobile phones remain to dominate, local SEO can make a big difference in pushing more customers to your front door. Another good idea is to request happy customers to leave a review on Google My Business. Reviews on third-party platforms increase your chances of being found by qualified prospects without having to pay a dime!

Email Marketing-

Email marketing can be a potent tool when trying to reach prospects or up sell existing customers. It’s essential to adapt your email marketing strategy by tailoring your messaging to target specific segments of your customer database. Right now, marketing automation is a popular method to help marketers automatically send highly targeted emails to leads.

Anticipated Growth of digital marketing in 2020

Along with social media, even smart TV consumption & national OTT platforms have reached unprecedented heights. We have made evident changes in our lifestyle in these challenging times and focusing on good light content. The digital marketing industry will keep increasing at the rate of 27% in the current year, which will touch Rs 17,377 crore by the time 2020 ends. One of the studies says by the end of 2020, digital marketing in India is expected to grow by 10.9% to touch Rs 75,952 crore mark. 
(Source- Economic Times)


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